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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mary beth

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Female, 26, Single
Interested In: Friends, Activity Partners
Member Since: Feb 2003
Location: Rochester, NY
Hometown: Rochester, NY with stops in VT, MA, and Seoul.
Company: brighton central school district, freelance here and there
mary beth's URL:

"wild mood swings. bedroom dancing. truth is, the heart is a private thing. "i am an elephant, you are not an..."

More About mary beth

Schools (Other):
(west) irondequoit high school, the university of pittsburgh. i'm newly returned from the fine city of pittsburgh, and would like to meet people to hang out with this fall while i'm in rochester again.

dorky student and loving it. also: crumbum.

if you're wearing blue stand up/if you're wearing red sit down/if you're wearing green you're mine/if you're wearing green i'm yours

Hobbies and Interests:
rare conversation, critical theory, trying to describe desire, boys&girls who finally smile, wandering academia's halls with a hand to the wall, used books, food/nourishment, sense perception, the writing. it boils down to language and breath.

Favorite Books:
mishima, gina berriault, beth nugent, scott bradfield, benjamin anastas, salinger, geertz, kleist, habermas, hopkins, wharton, james, ai, amy hempel, aimee bender, laura kipnis, kant, gogol, celine, huncke, gadamer, joan scott, elaine equi, wislawa szymborska, gramsci, carson mccullers, flannery o'connor, walter benjamin, sexton, mayakovsky, faulkner, ashbery, dahl, cohen, gerald stern, celan, pound, szporluk, bakhtin, notley, komunyakaa, steinbeck, genet, akutagawa, veblen, barthelme, herder, issa, elytis. comics too (optic nerve, transmetropolitan, action girl, kill yr boyfriend, we3, goodbye chunky rice, the invisibles, alias, the maxx).

Favorite Movies:
late spring, the marriage of maria braun, leon: the professional, boondock saints, y tu mama tambien, picnic at hanging rock, gertrud, vanishing point, memento, trees lounge, big lebowski, hartley's, miyazaki's, malick's, linklater's, haynes', eastwood's, marilyn monroe's, jack lemmon's, audrey hepburn's, gregory peck's, bad ones, ones you write papers about that make your toes curl and eyes starry and your head spin about quizzically (see: portrait d'une jeune fille de la fin des annees 60 a bruxelles, diabolique).

Favorite Music:
shoegaze, indie rock, altcountry, romantic-era classical, and old jazz mostly. top labels: sarah, creation, factory, 4ad, drag city. lately: trembling blue stars, the brian jonestown massacre, s prcss, team dresch, the smears, elbow, joe pernice, the concretes, feist, the arcade fire. always: the spinanes, mbv, helium, gbv, kristin hersh, red house painters, spacemen 3, liz phair, hnia, galaxie 500.

Favorite TV Shows:
bad ones, rocko's modern life, notebook-like ones. um. oz, conan o'brien, adventures of pete and pete, space ghost, fishing with john, ran ma, soap, freaks and geeks, the avengers, sketch comedy, food shows, golden girls, the prisoner.

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